Bama Sponsors Pumpkin Smash!

On this Friday November 1st, Bama is a sponsor of Pumpkin Smash. All proceeds benefit United Way! Ever wonder what to do with all those semi-rotten pumpkins after Halloween? Well CBRE and United Way teamed

Three Bama Employees Complete the Chicago Marathon!

We are so proud to celebrate three of our team members who completed the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 13th. Michelle Harbaugh, Kevin Shows and Angus O’Brien all completed the marathon, and reached their fundraising

Sustainability: People, Planet, Profit

Sustainability is a word that’s been thrown around a lot these last few years. Mostly, companies use it as a buzz word. Maybe they’ve started recycling wasted office paper, or they’ve gone paperless. To them,

The Buddy System: Fitness is More Fun with a Friend!

Results are in: The Buddy System Works. Fitness Friends, Workout Buddies, and Gym Girlfriends help you stay on track and not miss workouts! Bama just competed it’s first ever “Buddy System” which was a fitness

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