Tenille Brown General Manager Bama CompaniesTenille Brown took over as The Bama Companies’ US General Manager in October of this year. She recently sat down with editors of the Tulsa Community College Alumni Magazine, Community, to talk about how her time at TCC prepared her for her professional journey that lead to this role.

Brown has worked at Bama for more than two decades. In that time, she has held many positions that have allowed her to experience every aspect of the business. She lives out Bama’s mission; People Helping People Be Successful with Caring and Accountability. Her responsibilities as General Manager include, aligning supply chain, culinary and research and development, Business development, as well as working with operations, engineering and people systems to make sure that all the resources they need in order to succeed.

After graduating from Bishop Kelley High School, Tenille enrolled at Oklahoma University. However, she soon realized that TCC offered the general education requirements she would need, with more flexibility in her schedule and at a lower cost. She began taking her general education classes at TCC before eventually earning her Bachelors of Business from OU. She would later earn her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Tulsa University while working at Bama.

“TCC is a great option to complete core requirements for an advanced degree, “says Tenille. “Whether you start your post-high school studies at TCC or you supplement with their classes while at a four-year university, it’s a great option. …TCC sets you up for success.”

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