McDonald’s New Cookies ‘N’ Créme Pies made by Tulsa-Based Bama Companies

On Friday, July 14, select McDonald’s restaurants around the nation started serving a brand new pie flavor. The new flavor is described as chocolate sandwich cookie pieces layered on top of a fluffy vanilla creamy filling, wrapped in a chocolatey cookie crumb crust.

Every one of these pies is made right here in Tulsa, OK by Bama Companies. Bama has been a partner of McDonald’s and their only pie producer since 1968. Bama produces about two million pies per day at two different facilities in Tulsa.

On Monday, July 10, an event was held at the Mcdonld’s restaurant near 51st and Memorial where these new pies were given away for free to customers. The event was covered by media outlets, including KOKI, KOTV, KTUL, Tulsa World, as well as K95.5FM doing a live remote from the restaurant.

Social media accounts were quick to pick up on the new item. Some, like @snackolator, even before the release.