Alabama Marshall Throwback ThursdayAt Bama, we have a rich history. We’ve been in business since 1927, and some interesting and dynamic players have danced across the pages of our story. Alabama Marshall started our company in 1927 out of her own kitchen. She believed her pies were so good that she her husband could sell them while she was at work making even more pies in the Woolworth’s soda shoppe and drug store. Her son Paul took over his own branch of Bama in 1935 when he moved his new wife and infant son to Tulsa. Over the past few months we’ve been uncovering thousands of old photos and film reels from those early days of the family business. It has given us a great boost to get our archive put together and tell our story. We’ve used these pieces of history – photos and footage – to tell the story in a way it has never been told before.