Results are in: The Buddy System Works. Fitness Friends, Workout Buddies, and Gym Girlfriends help you stay on track and not miss workouts!

Bama just competed it’s first ever “Buddy System” which was a fitness system designed to help those who feel alienated by gyms or unaccountable to themselves. The program had 160 participants. These “buddies” teamed up in groups of two or more, and they completed at least fifteen minutes of cardio exercise at least four times per week! The program lasted six weeks. By the end, the goal was to have a routine built into your week where you felt comfortable exercising, and even better – you had someone to workout with!

A 2011 study conducted by the University of Santa Clara¬†examined the psychological benefits of exercise. This study found that being social during gym-time made people feel better and have more fun. Better moods were especially noticed when exercising with a friend. But it couldn’t just be anyone – the friend had to be someone that the participant felt comfortable with.

If you don’t have a Fitness Friend, that’s okay – don’t panic! There are lots of websites such as FitLink, BuddyUp, and Jogging Buddy that act as matchmakers for solo exercisers. And many people find motivation by joining running clubs or programs such as the nationwide program, Team in Training.

Do you think a Fitness Friend would help keep you accountable?