Paula Marshall Tulsa business Bama CompaniesRecently, Tulsa-based Bama Companies CEO, Paula Marshall, was the featured guest on a weekly webX program, Let’s Share The Journey, for an organization called Purse Power.
According to their website, Purse Power is a women-owned, women-led business that is working to:

  • Reward companies that promote women’s equality with revenue.
  • Help businesses and consumers find and buy from these companies
  • Use a portion of their revenue to reduce domestic violence.

During the program Paula offers commentary on a variety of topics, including some history of her company, her personal mission statement, Bama becoming a B Corp, as well as her management style and philosophy.

Marshall is a strict adherent to the Deming philosophy of business. A philosophy created by Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a Yale Grad credited by many with spearheading what is known as the Japanese post-war economic miracle of 1950 – 1960. “We don’t rank, rate, measure or compare people to each other,” Marshall said. “Business can be done a different way.”

Marshall’s message to the women that attended the virtual event was that she wished that businesses would do more to help women with the guilt that they so often feel when working and away from their kids and family, and also, the guilt they feel about work when they are with their children and families. In 2017 Marshall opened the Bama Caring Center, a separate building that houses services for her team members, including among many other services, free counseling to help with just such circumstances.

Feel free to watch the interview in its entirety below.