Bama Route 66 Historical Marker SignWe’ve always known Bama is a historic place. Now the Route 66 Association of Tulsa has made it official!

In October 2019, Bama received a Route 66 Historic Sign, detailing the history of our bakery here in Tulsa.

Although Henry and Alabama Marshall started the BAMA Pie Company in Dallas, Texas, in 1921, their son Paul and his wife, Lilah, moved to Tulsa in 1937 and opened their own location on Route 66.

From that simple one-story location, where Lilah baked pies and Paul managed sales, the Bama Pie Company has grown into an international business with three plants right here in Tulsa as well as one in Wroclaw, Poland. While we do not produce the original Pecan Bama Pies any more, we now produce handheld pies, biscuits, hotcakes and dough for some of the world’s largest restaurant chains and stores.

Although we now produce more pies in a single day than Alabama Marshall could’ve made in a lifetime, the original guiding principle of Bama Pie endures: consistent quality. Bama is still a family-owned business, with the granddaughter of the Alabama, Paula Marshall, now running the company. Marshall is proud of the 80 plus years the family business has operated here in Tulsa and the lasting legacy of this Tulsa company.

If you would like to learn more about Paula Marshall and the Bama history, you can purchase her autobiography here.