Bama Companies CEO, Paula Marshall, Speaks On Challenges of Retention At Recent Rotary Club of Tulsa Event

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Speaking at the Rotary Club of Tulsa meeting on Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021, Tulsa-based Bama Companies Owner and CEO, Paula Marshall spoke about how her company is dealing with the issue of both hiring new team members as well as the retention of the current ones. 
Marshall says that her philosphy is simple; treat people well and try to meet their needs. Some of the ways Bama does this is by offering team members generous medicall benefits, including a free clinic, as well as competitive pay. But that is only the beginning for Marshall adn Bama. They also offer free counseling, legal representation, tuition, tutoring, and even car care and home repairs. “It’s more important now than ever to us that we need to stand with our team members and try to help them all we can,” Marshall said. “Not only now but always into the future, you are going to find that retention of team members is going to be so much more important because the cost of recruiting a team member is going to go through the roof.”

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