Last month, Bama Companies CEO, Paula Marshall, was invited to Zagreb, Croatia to present on the Tedx Stage. She also spoke on how she incorporates Bama’s mission statement: People Helping People Be Successful through Caring and Accountability.

Bama is a family-owned business that started in 1937 and is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Paula is the third generation to run the business. When she took over as CEO, she decided to change the culture to one of caring deeply for each and every team member.

Bama offers numerous benefits to its team members at no cost, including a medical clinic, counseling, legal services, scholarships, no interest loans, and even auto and home repairs. “I told all of my team members that I want them to know that I love them,” Marshall says. “I wanted them to know Bama was here to help.”

Marshall’s hope is that her message will resonate with other business leaders and serve as an example that treating your team members right and showing that you care for them may cost some money upfront, but that it pays off in the long run with less turnover, better morale, and a shared sense of pride and loyalty, as well as a better product. All of this starts with eliminating fear.