Bama Companies CEO, Paula Marshall, believes wholeheartedly in her company’s mission statement, which is: People Helping People Be Successful. In this video, Paula discusses some of the benefits offered at the Bama Caring Center, a department at Bama dedicated to taking care of her team members’ needs.

Some of the benefits offered at Bama include a free clinic, education and tuition assistance, free car care, transportation to and from work, free counseling and legal services, and much more. Just like the company’s mission statement, all of these services are offered in order to ensure that our team members are able to be as successful as they can possibly be.

Paula believes that the ability to lead is a gift and that with that gift comes the responsibility to use it to help those for whom you are empowered to lead. This is a belief Paula has held since she took over ownership of the company from her father three decades ago. During that time, she has overseen the company’s growth both domestically as well as globally. She attributes much of success to the culture she has worked to build and maintain.