Why Work at Bama?

Every quarter, we ask our team members why they love working at Bama. Their responses vary slightly, but every quarter, these three things remain in the top. It’s no question that our team loves working with each other, and they love the supportive environment we provide.

Three great reasons are:

Job Satisfaction

1) Job Satisfaction & Growth

This means our team members like their jobs, and feel confident that they are doing a good job.

They feel that they are able to grow and mature with their skills here at Bama.

2) Environment & People

Bama team members smiling at the pancake line

At Bama Companies, our motto is: “People Helping People Be Successful.”

Our team enjoys the camaraderie and team atmosphere here at Bama.

They count the people they work closely with as friends and colleagues.

3) Health & Wellness Programs

A Tray of Healthy Vegetables

We have on-site 24/7 fitness centers, dietary counseling, smoking cessation, fitness classes, and a free clinic for routine appointments which includes free prescriptions.

In addition, we also have a comprehensive health benefits plan that covers our employees and their families should they need to seek outside physicians.

We care about our team members’ health and want to do everything to help them live lives full of vitality!