The Bama Company’s story and its long-established business culture began in 1927 in the kitchen of Cornelia Alabama “Bama” Marshall with two things in mind: quality products and people. This recipe for success was handed down years later to Paul and Lilah Marshall and now extends to the third generation CEO, Paula Marshall. Our business culture is the foundation of our success and our focus on making the employees part of the Bama family has contributed to the overall health and longevity of our organization.

Our culture is one of caring for each other as family and producing high quality products, with a continuous improvement mindset. We have learned over our 80 years in business that there are several keys to success: put customers first in everything you do; keep your finger on quality; treat all people with respect and dignity; give people courageous, heartfelt feedback, and as Dr. Stephen Covey espouses, “People and Customers are Wildly Important to us!”

We understand, after 20 years of creating and delivering the building blocks described above, our culture is so precious to us that we never want to lose it. We are a family. We believe in each other, and in our mission: “People Helping People be Successful.”