Our Mission & Values

The key to understanding The Bama Companies, Inc. is to understand the values and ideals that drive our organization and the culture that they create.

We believe that our people are our most valuable asset. Without the great people that have been a part of our organization over the years, we never would have seen the success that we have today. That is why we have aligned our business to help people, not only our employees, but also our customers, suppliers, and community members.

The Bama Mission

With a single mission of “People Helping People Be Successful,” we promote an atmosphere where team members are valued, recognized and appreciated.

Bama’s Values

Our ambition is to be our customers’ first choice, which we achieve through extraordinary vision, leadership, integrity, strategic focus and system view processes. We believe that the key to success is quality. Product quality and safety are never compromised at Bama. We take pride in our products and are committed to continuous improvement to build upon the quality of our products and the efficiency of our processes.

We operate under the core values known as Principle Centered Bama Culture, which serve as the guiding principles of the company. At Bama, the goal is to ensure that team members always receive the attention, resources and support required for personal growth and quality work experience.

Our mission of “People Helping People Be Successful” goes beyond a being a simple slogan; it has become the key ingredient in our culture, our mindset, and our success.