Why Work at Bama

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Bama is one of the most unique workplaces in the country. Sure, everyone says they’re unique – but the difference is, we really are! 

Why work at Bama? From our leadership team on down, we believe that people are the heart and soul of our business. Because of that, we are invested in making sure our people are healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

We know you have a choice in where you work. Even though the economy has been tough on a lot of families, educated and discerning applicants are still in the minority. Many companies would gladly fight over you. And you should let them, because where you work is a huge part of who you are. We are seeking engaged, thoughtful, independent leaders who seek to lift up those around them rather than claw their way to the top. Does this sound like you?

This is all to say that with the right mindset, anyone can succeed at Bama–no matter where they start.

Check out our Benefits and the Top 3 Reasons to Work at Bama to learn more. If you’re convinced, you can apply for any of our open positions here.

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