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Bama has been serving the Foodservice Industry for over 60 years. We specialize in “custom proprietary products” for Large National Chain Restaurants. We also offer a line of Bama Products specially designed with the foodservice operator in mind.


Bama has been producing turnovers for over 40 years! Choose from mouth-watering cherry, apple, or peach fillings, to name a few. Then, we surround them with our delicious crust – ready to fry and serve piping hot to your customer.

  • Frozen filled pie ready to fry and serve hot.
  • Flaky pie crust with crunchy outer coating.
  • Available in a traditional rectangle shape or custom shapes and sizes.
  • Wide variety of fruit and cream/pudding customized fillings.
  • Trans Fat Free


Biscuits are an American tradition associated with family cooking and comfort. Bama’sbiscuit1 automated process makes our biscuits so light, fluffy, and tender that you’ll think you’re eating homemade.

  • Variety of flavors: Traditional, Buttermilk, Sweet, and Savory.
  • Variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Easy heating and baking procedures to fit your operations.
  • Zero Trans Fat products available.


With our pre-sheeted pizza dough you can consistently deliver scratch quality pizza without the hassle. You will save time, labor, and equipment by using frozen doughs that are available in an array of shapes and sizes.

Frozen Sheeted Pizza Doughs

  • Raw doughs available in proof or retard formats.
  • Pre-sized and shaped to eliminate scrap and waste from your system.
  • Available in a variety of styles – Traditional, Pizzeria, Deep Pan, and Thin Crust just to name a few.
  • Various shapes and sizes available from the traditional rounds to specialty shapes.
  • Zero Trans Fat products available.

Frozen Sheeted Other Yeast Doughs

  • Focaccia, Soft Breadstick, and Sweet are some of the other doughs available.
  • Raw doughs available in proof or retard formats.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes – rounds, squares, and rectangles.

Crumb Crust

Our 9″ Crumb Crust Pie Shells comes in a variety of flavors. Shells are packaged for individual re-sale or bulk stacked for foodservice — on our high-speed automated line.

  • Cookie and cracker crumbs pressed into an aluminum pie tin.
  • Traditional flavors.
  • Food service or retail packaging may be developed under your label, if volume requirements are met.


Over the past several decades, we’ve earned the privilege to work with some of the most renowned brands in the restaurant world. In each instance, we’ve worked diligently to make sure that every time they opened a box of our biscuits, they knew, without a doubt, that each biscuit was good enough to stake their reputation on. This effort and philosophy hasn’t just been a matter of how we serve our largest customers, but how we serve every customer.

When you buy a Bama biscuit, you’re getting much more than dough. Everything that makes us proud of our company – from being independent and woman owned to earning awards for our quality and performance – becomes part of your company. We know that you’re relying on us to uphold the standard you’ve set and we believe the only way to do business is to make your business the best it can be. Simply put, we make biscuits you’ll be proud to call your own.

A light fluffy texture. A rich, buttery flavor. A biscuit that melts in the mouth. These words can be used to describe every Bama biscuit.

We take the time and effort to ensure that each biscuit looks and tastes as if were made from scratch by experienced hands. Yet each one can be ready in minutes, needing only to be heated and served. And every biscuit is trans fat free, has a long shelf life, and always delivers great taste and outstanding performance.

These are biscuits we are proud to offer to you and biscuits you can be proud to serve your customers.

Frozen Baked Biscuits

Biscuits are a staple food in the south – some even eat them three meals a day! Our biscuits will take you right back to the farm with their flaky texture, buttery flavor and fluffy-soft center.

We have two types of biscuits – frozen par-baked biscuits, and frozen biscuit pucks. Which one you want depends on your capability and desired shelf life.

Frozen Unbaked Biscuits

Our biscuit pucks are formulated to give you that consistent, down-home flavor every time you take them out of the oven.

Fried Pies

We have two types of trans-fat free hand-held fried pies: Cherry and Apple.

If you are interested in putting our products in your store, please Contact Us!

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