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Bama has been in business longer than the Queen of England has sat on the throne. Now that’s a long time—yes, since 1927. That’s almost a century of experience!

history2We’ve learned a thing or two about keeping our customers happy, and delivering consistent, quality products. You want some things in life to be new, shiny, and cutting edge. But the important things—the lasting things—they don’t change much. Caring about people, commitment to quality, and devotion to community: these are the things that keep our customers coming back to us, and they’re what’s helped us stay in business for so long.

That’s not to say we don’t know how to innovate or infuse our business with up-to-date technology and tools. In the last five years, Bama has upgraded four of our lines to full robotic automation. Our plants are the most state of the art with record safety ratings Palletizerand continually improving environmental impact.

The right thing to do has always been the right thing to do: treat our employees well, treat our customers well, treat the earth well. Some of the ways we’re doing this have changed, but the underlying principles haven’t.

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