Bama Overview
Benefit Total Bama Cost Per Team Member
Medical $7,227.75
CareATC $712.12
Zero Card $414.09
Dental $511.75
Basic Life/ADD $111.64
Tuition Assistance $76.65
Car Care $21.77
Legal Services $88.10
Counseling Services $67.40
Total Cost Per TM $9,237.27
Cost per Week per TM $177.64
Benefits cost per hour $4.44



Counseling may be needed if……

•Loss of  interest
•Socially withdrawn or isolating
•Problems concentrating/easily distracted
•Not sleeping/ too much sleep
•Feeling sad, empty, numb, or hopeless daily
•Significant weight loss or gain
•Loss of energy or fatigue daily
•Feeling excessive guilt or worthlessness
•Restlessness or on edge
•Constant irritability
•Excessive worry/racing thoughts
•Recurrent thoughts of death or recurrent thoughts of suicide ideations without a specific plan
•Suicidal thoughts with a plan or recent attempt.

Counseling Benefits

Starts immediately, counselor are at BCC Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and can be scheduled at EAP office.
It’s for Team members, their children, and partners.
It’s Free, each individual gets 5 free sessions per issue.
Learn to manage work and personal stressors, by learning healthy coping skills.
Team members get 25 points per session to meet health and wellness goals.

Call Bama Caring Center to schedule an appointment at 918-732-2068


Cleshawn DuBose has a bright personality and exceptional counseling skills. She works with families, individuals, couples, and children. She is trained and experienced in Trauma and Addictions.

Cle is available on Mondays 1pm-4pm & Wednesdays 2:30-4:30pm at BCC for scheduled and walk-ins.



Kathy Bockenheuser is a compassionate, knowledgeable counselor that has vast experience with Men’s & Women’s issues. Kathy worked in Prison Ministry; she works with families, couples, and teens

Kathy is available on Fridays 9am-1pm at BCC for scheduled and walk-ins.



Leigh Ann Fields works extensively with veterans. She is trained in Complex Trauma, PTSD, Couples and Anger management. She offers a warm, non-judgmental approach to all her clients.

Leigh Ann is available to meet for scheduled appointments at the Yale office location.
Alternate appointment times can be scheduled throughout the week at the Yale office.


Please call Belinda Hernandez 918-732-2068 at the BAMA Caring Center to make an appointment. If you are a naturalized citizen or have a visa please bring your card with you to your appointment.

Legal Services

My name is Kimberly Moore.  I have been an attorney with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma for over 15 years.  I graduated from the University of Tulsa College of Law in 2001.  In addition to practicing law I am on the Board of the Tulsa County Bar Association and the incoming President of the Association for 2020/2021.

Areas of Law I can Assist With:

Health Care Directive (Living Wills)
Power of Attorney
Transfer on Death Deeds
Defense of Foreclosure
Loss Mitigation (if facing foreclosure or one has been filed)
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Student Loan issues – default and forgiveness
Garnishment/Claim for Exemption
Small Claims
Breach of Contract

Areas of Law I CANNOT Assist with:

Torts (car wrecks, medical malpractice, products liability, slander, etc)
Employment – if related to BAMA
Protective Orders – the one sued

Bama is happy to be able to offer these services to our team members free of charge. We are so happy to have Kimberly on site as below you can see the costs for some of the services she provides were you to have to do these without the help of Kimberly at the Bama Caring Center:

Probate – $2500

Eviction – $500 plus costs

Divorce – $3500 and up

Guardianship – $1500

Simple Will, DPOA, HCD, – $1500-2500

Trust – $2500-$5000

Hourly rate – $250 (drafting leases, contract review, brief services, etc.

Drive time – Rogers, Creek, Osage, Wagoner

Please call or email Belinda Hernandez 918-732-2068 at the BAMA Caring Center to make an appointment. If you are a naturalized citizen or have a visa please bring your card with you to your appointment.



The 401K Salary Deferral Program has been established to allow team members an opportunity to save a percentage of their income in a tax-deferred account. State and federal taxes are deferred until withdrawn at retirement.

Participation in the 401(K) program is voluntary. Team members are eligible at the beginning of any month following completion of six months of service.

Profit Sharing

In Conjunction with the 401(K) plan, the profit sharing plan has been established to provide you with additional retirement savings. Contributions to profit sharing plan are discretionary and are made entirely by Bama. The amount of the contribution is determined on an annual basis.

Participation in the profit sharing plan is automatic and team members are eligible on Jan 1 or July 1 following completion of one (1) year of service and 1,000 hours worked.

If you have questions regarding the auto enrollment program or escalation please contact benefits.

To speak to a retirement representative call Empower at 844-465-4455

Bama Aid

BamaAid is designed to provide short-term assistance to TM’s experiencing severe financial need due to unexpected and unavoidable emergencies. You must be a full-time team member with Bama Companies to apply.  Eligible team members may use this program for 2 incidents per calendar year. Categories of Assistance:

*Home Catastrophe/Natural Disaster – Amount of Grant: Up to $2,000
*Funeral or Emergency Travel for Immediate Family – Amount of Grant: Up to 2,000
*Personal Emergency (vehicle repair, loss of income, etc.) – Amount of Grant: Up to $1,000
*Medical Emergency (emergency hospitalization, etc.) – Amount of Grant: Up to $1,000
*Military Deployment – Amount of Grant: Up to $500

Click here to apply for Bama Aid.

Bama Builds

A home owner assistance program for non-routine home maintenance or repairs. Bama partners with Revitalize T-Town (RTT) and Tulsa Community Foundation. Applicants must be active Bama team members and meet RTT income criteria (income level and number of people in the family/household). Eligible team members may use this program for 2 incidents in a Bama employment lifetime.

Categories of Assistance:

*Roof Repair/Replacement – Amount of Grant: Up to $11,000
*Electrical Repairs  – Amount of Grant: Up to $2,000
*Plumbing Repairs – Amount of Grant: Up to $1,200
*Security Related – Amount of Grant: Up to $2,000
*Heat and Air Repair/Replacement – Amount of Grant: Up to $4,200

TTCU Loan Program

Due to the ongoing Covid situation, TTCU has temporarily discontinued this program. We hope to be able to offer again in the future. Please check back for updates.

The Bama Team Member Advantage is a better way to help you meet life’s emergencies. You’ll build credit and see ow you can grow your savings for a solid financial future.

The Advantage Loan is only for Bama team members. Each loan comes with a free checking account from TTCU.

  • Loans from $250 to $1,500
  • 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and 12-month loans available
  • Easy weekly payments

At the end of the loan, you can keep making payments – to yourself, and you’ll see your savings grow.



Phone: 800-993-8244

More info coming soon!

Dental Care


What does my coverage include?

–  2 Free teeth cleanings each year, including X-rays
– $50 deductible for all other care
– 50% coverage for Dentures
– $2,000 coverage for Orthodontic Care (braces)
– 80% coverage for all other care not excluded by the plan. Some examples:
Root Canals

Delta Also provides

– No need for a card, just provide the dentist with your social security number
– Large network of providers
– Easy to navigate web site and app that show:
Claim Status and payments
Your dental history
Oral education

St. John


St. John Whole Health Enrollees

Ascension St. John is here to serve you.

Benefits of St. John:
– Personalized care plans that are shared with all providers
– Better coordination of care
– Case managers to assist you through your health journey
– Classes, support groups and other educational offerings
– High Quality Rankings
– Pulseline for finding physicians
– Several locations across Tulsa metro area
– Online Scheduling and bill pay

How do you find a provider?
Ascension Doctor Finder
– Call Aetna 1-800-872-3862 or Visit their Website
– Call St. John Pulseline 918-744-0123
– Get assistance from CareATC 800-993-8244
– Get assistance from Bama Benefits team


Medefy is a new service provided to you by Bama. It is an app you can use in order to find an in-network doctor, look up insurance information, your benefits, or even text live with a healthcare professional.

Benefits of using Medefy:

Live Chat with a healthcare expert

Quickly and easily connect with on-demand human help to answer questions or guide you through the healthcare process

Quickly find and in-network doctor

Talk with a doctor

24/7 access to your benefits










Zero Card


*For team members enrolled in Consumer Choice Plan Only

What should I know about Zero Card?

  1. You and your dependents are automatically enrolled
  2. You do not need a card to access care
  3. You pay $0 for covered services.

How do I access my Zero?

  1. Visit:
  2. Follow the prompts and verify your membership
  3. Utilize your MyZero ID Card at Quest locations

Step-by-step how to use the Zero Card

  1. Your primary Care Doctor recommends a procedure or service
  2. Instruct your doctor to send the referral to The Zero Card or you can send the referral to The Zero Card via fax 888-614-2141 or email
  3. Once The Zero Card has received the referral from you or your Primary Care Doctor, reach out to The Zero Card by phone, email or online chat.
  4. We will provide you with facilities in The Zero Card network where you can have the procedure/service for $0 out-of-pocket if it’s covered under your plan
  5. Once you have decided where to have your procedure/service your personal Health Assistants will inform you to contact the provider to schedule your appointment or that the provider will be reaching out to you for scheduling.
  6. The day of the appointment the facility will know this is a Zero Card procedure and you will only need to present photo ID and possibly your insurance card.


Vision Service Plan

What does my coverage include?

  • $10 copay for an eye exam
  • $25 copay for prescription glasses
  • $130 allowance for frames, 20% off amount over the allowance
    • The Frame allowance is for every other calendar year
  • $130 allowance for contacts, 15% fitting and evaluation

VSP also provides

  • No need for a card, just provide your social security number
  • Large network of providers
  • Discounts for additional glasses and sunglasses
  • Discount on laser vision correction at contracted facilities
  • Easy to navigate website with
    • Bonus offers
    • Claim history
Chiropractor (A.R.T.)

ART Helps with:
Back pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Shin splints
Shoulder pain
Plantar fasciitis
Knee problems
Tennis elbow

Procedures performed at facilities:
Deep muscle massage- scar tissue
Muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves
Chiropractic doctor onsite at all facilities once/week
– Appointments last 15 minutes during your shift
– You will be paid for the appointment
Contact your People Systems/Safety Coordinator or Manager if interested

You may also make an appointment outside of work. These appointments require a $20 Co-Pay to be paid at time of service. To make an appointment:

Integrated Physical Health
4564 S Harvard Ave. Suite B.
Tulsa, OK 74135
Phone: (918) 508-2220

Life & Disability Coverage

Short term Disability

If you become disabled and are unable to work, sort term disability will pay you 60% of your base weekly earnings up to a maximum weekly payment amount of $500. Benefits are available for up to 26 weeks with proof of medical necessity.

*Short term disability is only available to hourly team members

Long Term Disability

You may choose coverage under this voluntary plan that provides for income replacement during periods of long-term disability exceeding a 180-day elimination period. It will replace up to 60% of your base monthly earnings up to a maximum monthly payment of $7,500.

Supplemental Life Coverage

You can purchase additional insurance on yourself in increments of $10,000 up to a maximum of $300,000 or five (5) times your annual base salary, whichever is less.

Spouse Life Coverage

If you are purchasing supplemental life for yourself you may also purchase life insurance for your spouse up to 50% of your coverage, in increments of $10,000, up to a maximum benefit of $150,000.

*Spouses can be covered up to age 70. Spouse life coverage is not available through Bama after the last day of the month of the 70th Birthday.

Child Life Coverage

If you are purchasing supplemental life for yourself you may also purchase life insurance for your dependent children in the amount of $10,000. The cost is a flat rate of $0.46 that does not vary based on age or number of dependents covered.

Disability benefits through Cigna are subject to payment reduction based on other income benefits such as Social Security. Please contact Cigna 888-842-4462 or Bama Benefits for more information.

Wellness Score

The new wellness score offers an alternative to the old method of relying solely on your PHA results.

The new system offers multiple ways to accumulate 1,000 points, including your PHA, exercising, meeting with Coach Jessica, community service and may other ways.

To begin, please download the CareATC App.

If you need assistance please contact:

Bama Benefits

Coach Jessica



Tuition Assistance

Bama’s Tuition Assistance Program is designed to assist Bama team members who have degree plans in Bama-related job/responsibility areas such as Management, Quality, Accounting, Engineering, Human Resources, Business or Maintenance Tech degrees.  This program does not apply to degree plans outside of current Bama jobs/responsibilities.  Bama team members are eligible for tuition assistance up to $7,250 per calendar year. You must keep a C or better average or you will have to repay Bama . You must be a full-time Bama team member and have completed 90 days.

How to apply for Tuition Assistance

•Go into Inside Bama and fill out a Tuition Assistance Request Form or you may come down to the Bama Caring Center and get a form.
•Read and Fill out the form completely and have your manager sign it.
•Return to Belinda Hernandez at Bama Caring Center
Bama Scholars

 College/Vocational Scholarships

  • February 1 – July 1
  • $1000 – $2000 Scholarships – Based on financial need
  • Applications:
    • Ages 18-25 – Attach your complete FAFSA form
    • Ages 26 or older – Include most recent Tax Return Form (Form 1040 or 1040EZ)

Apply at:

Bama Tutoring Scholarship Applications

•One year scholarship of up to 75% of tutoring costs
•For tutoring programs offered by approved tutoring service providers
•Up to $2000 per student per year
•Who is eligible:
•Bama Team Members who have worked at Bama for at least one continuous year
•Bama Team Members’ Dependent children in grades K-12
•Annual Deadlines:  October 1st (Fall)  February 1st (Spring)

Grants for Teachers

  • Offered two times per year – January and September
  • For Teachers with a Bama Child in their class
  • Also for teachers who area a spouse or child of a Bama team member
  • $250 Grant for Classroom learning per year
  • Info for teachers online applications at  security or on your Passport Communication Feed

Apply at:

Bama Technology Grant

Bama Scholars Fund to include Educational Technology Equipment (if your school system doesn’t provide it now) and access to assist with distance/virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • One-year scholarship
    • Up to $1000 per student, per year
    • Scholarships will be reviewed the 1st of each month (September – May).
  • Who is Eligible?
    • Bama team members who have worked at Bama for at least one continuous year
    • Bama team members’ dependent children in grades K-12

For more details fo the program and to apply, visit:

English Language Classes


Free English Classes through TCC & BCC!

Enhance your skills in English

reading, writing, grammar and speaking

Course Details:

•10 Weeks
•2 Days per Week
•1 ½ Hours per Day

Classes Begin in the Spring and Fall

Must take an initial placement test prior to starting classes

Contact:  Belinda Hernandez at BCC 918-732-2068 or email her here.

Bama Training

Bama Passport is your portal to all Bama required and supplemental training.

In addition to you regulatory and supplemental training, your supervisor will go over your Individual Development Plan (IDP). Your IDP is your chance to layout plans and career aspirations for your future at Bama. If you want to make a career move at Bama your supervisors are there to help you achieve that goal.

It’s one of the ways we live out our mission: People Helping People Be Successful.